Herbert Bayer (Apr 5, 1900 – Sept 30, 1985)

Herbert Bayer was born on 5th April of 1900 in Linz, Austria. He worked in all fields of media like painting, photography, typography, sculpture, architecture, and interior design, exhibition design, and graphic design. He served in Austrian army for one year (1917 – 1918). At the age of 19 he became apprentice under the architect and designer Georg Schmidthammer in Linz. During that time he produced his first typographic works. In 1921, he joined architect Emanuel Margold, in Darmstadt, as an assistant architect. In the same year he enrolled as a student in Bauhaus, Weimar. Bauhaus was a German art school which opened in 1919 and functioned till 1933. Bayer was quite naïve in arts when he joined Bauhaus. He… Read More →